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SLs as plant hormones
Role of SLs in root and shoot development; cross talk with other hormones; biosynthesis, transport and signalling; new functions of SLs in plant physiology; exploitation for regulation of plant growth for agricultural needs. 

SLs and parasitic plants

Role of SLs in parasitic weed germination, coordinating studies ongoing in several countries in the context of the improvement of pest management control.

SLs and soil microbiota

Role of SLs as promoters of AMF and rhizobial symbiosis: cellular mechanisms of action of SL on AM and rhizobial organisms during the presymbiotic stages; role of SLs in later symbiotic stages of root symbioses; translation of this knowledge to the field to promote beneficial root symbioses.

SLs chemistry and biochemistry

The chemical/biochemical aspects of SLs, focus on the synthesis of new molecules, identification and isolation of new SLs from plants, structure-activity and specificity studies, synthetic SLs for basic and applied studies.

Task Force "IPR & more"

Increase knowledge on the international regulations to be considered in Strigolactones applications in agriculture as well as the Intellectual Property Rights and ethical and socio-economic aspects to deal with.

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